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Racial Trauma Webinars and Trainings

Racial trauma seminars are ideal for mental health agencies, corporations, and community organizations that honor diversity, equity and inclusion for their employees and clientele.  

Trainings are designed to fit the specific needs of the organization. 

Racial Trauma Seminar

Mental Health Agencies 

Corporate Trainer

Corporate Trainings 




Racial Trauma and Minority Stress: 

A Framework to discuss painful experiences for healing and empowerment 

Racial trauma and minority stress are mental health experiences that have plagued communities of color for centuries. The world was silenced with grief following George Floyd’s murder on May 25, 2020.  Moments like this unfortunately leave an emotional residue that feels overly familiar for persons of color, and allies of marginalized groups. Often times mental health clinicians are tasked with patching the covert wounds that arise from direct and indirect race based incidents. 

Webinars led by Dr. Gibson focus on healing strategies following day-to-day factors that contribute to stress and trauma symptomology (many spanning across several generations).  

We can't recover from what we don't understand, can't describe, or identify.  Get the racial trauma education needed to heal and recover. 


What Others Are Saying

Insightful, timely, and practical information for such a sensitive topic. 

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